Great Blue Slot Game
[ 17-12-2020 ]

Great Blue Slot Game

Great Blue is not as complicated as many online slots games, but if you’re a relative newcomer to the genre, it pays to spend some time familiarising yourself with the game’s controls.

Start by deciding on the coins that you would like to bet with, bearing in mind that these are only virtual coins during the free play mode, but they will nonetheless give you the chance to assess how the wagering process works.
Directly below the reels you will see your playing console set out. Starting from the button furthest to the left, click to reveal the coins with which you can play. Keep your bets small by wagering just $1 per line or go for broke with a $25 line bet - the choice is yours. Your line bet will display in the central window of your player console, and you can also alter the amount by clicking on the button directly below this window, which increases your line bet in increments.

Once you are happy with your line bet, decide on the number of lines you wish to play with each spin of the reels. Clicking on the button labelled ‘Lines’ will display the options, so simply pick the number of lines that you feel comfortable playing with. Remember that the more lines you play, the greater the sum you wager on each spin, but the greater your chance of achieving a winning line too.

And if you do not want to keep hitting the Spin button each time you play Great Blue, there is also a handy Auto Play function built into the game. You will find the Auto Start button to the left of your console, with a window above showing the number of repeat spins, which you can toggle through using the + and - buttons to either side. Select the number of automatic spins that you would like, then hit the Auto Start button and the reels will spin for your designated number of spins, highlighting winning lines as you go.

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