What is The safest bet in sports betting?
[ 05-01-2021 ]

What is The safest bet in sports betting?

The safest bet in sports betting

Bets that always win do not exist. Sports can be crazy sometimes and even if someone tells you something about a “surefire” bet, there is always a residual risk. Finding the safest bets is definitely the main objective of any bettor.

What is a safe bet, and does it exist?

Which bet is the safest depends on many factors. Luck is one of them, of course. Minimizing the risk is the main task of a professional sports bettor, which is why one is on the safe side, especially with solid bankroll management.

If you believe the bookies, a bet with odds 1.01 would of course be the safest bet imaginable. This is roughly equivalent to a home win for FC Bayern Munich against a non-league side. But of course, this game is also not decided before it has kicked off. Something unexpected can always happen, no matter how certain the bet is and no matter how clear the game is.

The tips we can give you when looking for a safe bet are as follows:

  • Do your own research! Before you place a bet, you should know why you are placing it.
  • You can minimize risk by avoiding accumulator bets. Two single bets are safer than one accumulator.
  • The security of a bet naturally also depends heavily on the odds. Try to weigh whether you think the odds offered by the bookmaker are too low or too high.
  • If you are not emotional when betting and get involved with personal sensitivities, for example by choosing a pick that you hope for because your favourite club is involved, you also gain security.

What is a no-bet?

They exist – the games where almost everything can happen. If the outcome of a game after the preliminary analysis is subjectively so uncertain that you do not want to risk a bet on this game, this is called a no-bet.

What is a surebet?

There is one type of bet that is completely safe: the surebet. This is the only type of bet that you will definitely win. With a surebet you need accounts with different betting providers. Stakes are placed on all possible outcomes of a betting segment. One of the bets will always be won and thus the name surebet. Due to the differences in odds between different betting providers, there is some profit in it.

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